Below are a list of programming projects that I've worked on, including some fun projets, some that I've done for WRUW, the on campus radio station, and some that I've done for classes. All of these projects are written in Java.


My GitHub is Global Health Metrics' Direct to Consumer HRA. I designed and built the site, including its payment logic. For $5, you get one HRA. However, after 90 days, you will be allowed to subscribe to our yearly plan, giving you a HRA every 90 days for $10/year.
This software also integrates into GHM's HRA api, of which I have been the lead developer of since joining the company.

Learn more is a database of all rental properties in Cleveland, OH and the violations associated with those properties. The project was funded by the City of Cleveland and contracted out to Global Health Metrics. I built the backend and some of the frontend for the site, while we had another developer work on design and the remaining front end components.

WRUW is the radio station at Case Western Reserve University, where I volunteer, among other things, as web director. I rebuilt our main site a few years ago with Spinitron integration (a site we use for playlist entry) as well as some much needed performance improvements. I also built our live streaming page and our archiving system, which allows you to select any time in the past two weeks and listen at that time.

WRUW Analytics

A program that I built to monitor everyone listening to the WRUW online stream. It works by sending pings back to our sever from our in browser listener. I then geolocate them using the IP address. You can then use the site to find out how many people are listening to your show (both live and through the archives) and where they are listening from.