Video Work

Below are some of the videos that I've worked on over the years for professional work or with student organizations. I use Adobe Premiere Pro for the majority of the work, with After Effects and Audition when necessary.

Research ShowCASE 2016 Recap

I work for Research ShowCASE, which is an event that happens every year on our campus to promote people's research. I make video specifically about certain projects (see some examples below) and recap videos like this.

Research ShowCASE - The future of Food in your neighborhood study

This is a more standard video for Research ShowCASE. We interview someone about their research (in this case, we interview three people) and cut it down to a short video.

Live From Cleveland

Another thing I do at WRUW is help with a weekly live music show. I work with creating a weekly live stream on YouTube of the band. This includes several cameras and live switching them.

The Athenian Update

The Athenian Update is a production done by our on campus' humor magazine. I do all the graphic work and the intros and titles as well as the final edits and the filming and setup.