Greetings {}!

Thank you again for registering for Hilltop Happening! I wanted to provide you some information that will elevate your conclave experience. This email may be long, but I ask that you read the entirety before your arrival to conclave, as it will greatly enhance your experience!

Check In Opens at 6:00pm Friday night May 14 and will be open until 11:00pm. It will open again at 7:00am Saturday morning May 15 and be open until 9:00am. If you know you will be arriving outside of these hours please email and let us know. For navigation purposes, the address of Seven Ranges Scout Reservation is: 7070 Meter Rd NE Kensington OH 44427

Below is a reminder of things to bring with you to improve your experience at Conclave. Do not forget your COVID-19 Screening form, and your BSA Medical Form (see below).

A lot of our program requires you to bring minimal items. Here is a list with some explanations:

  1. Rock: Bring a rock from your home- either painted or natural one. You will be able to take a hike to Thunderbird Hill, the highest point in Carroll County Ohio. This is a tradition where new members of the camp leave their mark by placing a rock as big as their Scouting Spirit, but not so large as it makes your hike uncomfortable. (it does not have to be super huge)!
  2. Shirt to tye-dye: Bring any shirt you want to tye-dye! Lighter colors tend to take on colors better. Please keep your shirt scouting appropriate. Additionally, you will be able to show it off in a fashion show at the Saturday night show!
  3. Spending money: Please bring additional money if you would like to participate in the following:
    1. Purchase balls to dunk the national vice chief, section chief, and your lodge chief.
    2. Silent auction and crazy auction items.
    3. Screen printing fee of $4 if you are participating.
    4. Trading post items.
  4. Silent Auction Items: Please bring higher end or silly items to donate to the silent auction. We are hosting this during dinner! There will be separate youth and adult tables, so everyone will have a fair chance to win some neat items! The proceeds fund section officer travel and training, they send the section chief to the national planning meeting, and they fund our OAHA scholarship!
  5. COVID-19 Screening Form and BSA Medical Form
    1. The COVID-19 Screening Form is required to be filled before you attend the event. This is mandatory to have filled before arrival and can be found here.
    2. The BSA Medical Form is also required. You can find it here
  6. Tent: At this conclave, we will have tent camping. You are required to stay alone in your tent due to COVID-19 Precautions unless you will be tenting with someone from the same household. All Youth Protection Guidelines will be followed.
  7. COVID-19 Precautions: Please read through these guidelines to be prepared for the event. It can also be found here.
    1. Personal Protection: Social distancing and facemasks (inside and outside) will be required.
    2. Temperature Screening Form: Every person will be asked to provide a completed form. This form is to be completed with your temperature at home and brought to camp where you will be screened again for your current temperature.
    3. COVID-19 symptoms: According to the medical form, we ask you to stay home if you are experiencing: shortness of breath, new or worsening dry cough, fever of 100.4 or greater, flu-like symptoms, vomiting, diarrhea, cough, unexplained extreme fatigue or muscle ache, rash, sore throat, and/or open sore.
    4. Eating and sleeping: Arrowmen will be divided into groups of up to 10 that they must stay with when they are sleeping and eating. Each person must sleep alone, or tent with someone from the same household (obeying youth protection guidelines.) Eating will be in various styles including to-go style as well as formal dining with social distancing.
    5. CPAP Accommodations: If you need to have a CPAP, please contact Toby Hoy at to make arrangements.
  8. Summarized Packing list:
    1. COVID-19 & BSA Medical Form
    2. Complete Scouting Uniform with sash
    3. PPE including facemasks and hand sanitizer
    4. Tent for yourself and appropriate sleeping gear
    5. Personal gear, toiletries, clothing suited for the weather, comfortable walking shoes
    6. Program Materials: Rock, Shirt to Tye-Dye, Spending money, Silent auction items, blanket or chair for shows

I cannot wait to see you at conclave!

Jonathan H. Golden | Section Chief

Central Region Section 4